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During the last few weeks we have been eating out quite a bit because I was very pregnant and did not feel like cooking.  I am always looking for places to where kids eat for free and was delighted to find two in the last week.  Since lately it seems that most of what I attempt to feed my kids intentionally winds up on the floor, I don’t feel too bad about it when it comes free with my own meal. 

Kids eat free at Qdoba every Sunday.  I have wanted to try Qdoba for some time and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  Chipotle will always be my absolute favorite, but Qdoba actually has a much larger menu and it was very tasty.  With the purchase of each adult meal on Sundays kids have a choice of naked burritos, chicken or cheese quesadillas or tacos.  Each meal comes with juice, milk or a fountain drink, and the sides are vegetarian beans, applesauce or tortilla chips.  My kids not only loved the chicken quesadilla that we got for them, they also decided that this was the day that they would start using forks to eat their meals.  It was a very exciting dinner out for all of us.  You can view their menu and find the closest location to you here http://www.qdoba.com/.

I was also excited to discover that kids can eat for free at Great Wraps every single day of the week.  We used to eat their all of the time before we had kids and just recently went back for the first time in months to discover the Kids Eat Free sign on the door.  With the purchase of each adult meal you kids have a choice of chicken tenders, grilled cheese and one other item that escapes me at the moment.  You also have a choice of french fries or chips and a drink.  There aren’t as many choices as I’ve seen at other places, but the few items they do offer are usually big hits with kids.  They happened to be out of the chicken tenders that we wanted to order, and offered up grilled chicken for the boys instead.  I was pleased that they were so accommodating and the boys were happy.  Since their website (http://www.greatwraps.com/) does not actually show a kid’s menu, you may want to check with your local Great Wraps ahead of time.  Or just head down to the location just off Broad Street near VCU.

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