Stay and Learn at CMoR Short Pump

Richmond-VA-Childrens-MuseumI received an email about this program recently and although my kids are not yet old enough to attend, with the upcoming holidays, I would definitely take advantage of it if I could.  The Children’s Museum at Short Pump has a fairly new program called Stay and Learn for members aged 2.5-6.  It runs every weekday from 9am-Noon.  And for all of you non-members out there, this may be the perfect time for you to join.  For a limited time you can save $10 on the membership fee when you book your first session.

Since this program is new to me, I went to their website to read up on it a little bit.  In each session your child will be able to participate in games, activities, stories and songs.  They will have guided play time in the exhibits, ride the train and create artwork.  They will even be provided a snack!  This sounds perfect for parents who need to do a little holiday shopping without the kids in tow.  It gets everyone out of the house and gives the kids something to do, while hopefully wearing them out, so they are ready to nap when you pick them up at noon.  (I am assuming of course that nap-time is as important to all other parents as it is to me.)  They do require that all children be fully potty trained, so get busy with that!  I have taken my kids to CMoR Short Pump before and they loved it.  So I am certain that any other kids that enjoyed it as well would not mind spending a few hours playing there while mom and/or dad do other things.  I hope the program sticks around so I can take advantage of it when my kids are old enough.  Here is the link for more information about the program.  One more important thing to note is that there is a discount for multiple children.  Enjoy your morning out!

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